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PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2022, Feb 14, Mon, 12:27 am
by AHE
PTZ cameras and streaming devices have taken a huge leap in popularity and implementation. Some existing systems have had significant firmware and software upgrades while new models have recently entered the market to meet skyrocketing demand. Manufacturers and users both know that security, user-friendliness and up-time reliability are all essential goals to meet with these devices. ... ng-devices

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2022, Nov 18, Fri, 1:03 pm
by AHE
Developments in the past two years have catapulted conferencing to the killer Internet app while at the same time making live streaming a matter of survival in the house of worship arena. AV manufacturers have responded with cameras, streaming hardware and capture devices that integrate sophisticated capability with ease of use. The items surveyed here illustrate those current trends and highlight that innovative industry response to what have been the most challenging of times. ... -devices-2

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:06 am
by AHE
The CAM570 is a PTZ conferencing camera, with premium-grade features that enable users to deliver in-person meeting experiences to remote participants. The CAM570 features a 4K dual-lens camera with 36X total zoom and an AI lens with 95-degree FOV. AVer’s beamforming technology guides the PTZ camera to focus on the most relevant activity in a meeting, meanwhile eliminating unnecessary audio with mouth and human voice detection. The CAM570 includes three pairs of built-in voice sensors with beamforming technology and two 4K lenses to track speakers up to 10 meters away.
AVer website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:10 am
by AHE
The Marshall CV630-NDI PTZ camera captures crisp UHD video combined with smooth PTZ camera positioning and 30X optical zoom for a versatile NDI® networked video solution. NDI®|HX provides low latency, high quality, frame-accurate video, and audio in real time to NDI® workflows. Use NDI® Tools to easily discover, monitor, adjust and open up remote video sources into your production workflow.
Marshall website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:12 am
by AHE
X120 packs an amazing Sony Exmor R image broadcast sensor to deliver fantastic low light capabilities and incredible picture performance. In true BirdDog style, there is an OLED display to show the IP address, 360° mohawk tally, filter thread, and free auto-tracking and colour shading via Cam Control.

X120 also offers four hardwired connection options along with Wi-Fi making it the most connected PTZ camera on the planet, Additional connection options include NDI® over Ethernet, SDI, HDMI for live production work, and UVC USB for connecting to Zoom & Teams.
Birddog website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:17 am
by AHE
Featuring NDI High Bandwidth, VC-A71P-HN delivers high-quality video over IP networks with ultra-low latency. Visually lossless, the I-Frame NDI codec is suitable for use in high-end video and TV production, live events and studios.

VC-A71P-HN supports the latest version of the NDI protocol, NDI HX3. It delivers high-quality video with very low latency and connects directly to NDI networks. VC-A71P-HN outputs NDI HX3 and NDI High Bandwidth output simultaneously.
Lumens website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:19 am
by AHE
Experience a more intelligent video production workflow with the Move SE’s updated user interface and feature set that continually expands based on user feedback. Plus, PTZOptics’ one-click firmware updates make it easy to future-proof your investment, with new capabilities continuing to come online as the platform evolves over time. And with 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zoom options, plus PoE, the Move SE can fit seamlessly into any production scenario.

With the Move SE’s auto-tracking features, users can control their production from behind the scenes – or right in front of them. Plus, the Move SE’s Presenter-Lock™ auto-tracking features allow users to lock into a specific person, even while other people are in frame, and switch between on-stage presenters with the click of a button. In addition to the Move SE’s auto-tracking features, users also have access to PTZOptics’ latest Web UI, updated to provide everything you need in one simple menu. Almost every feature in the Web UI has a tutorial function, perfect for novice producers navigating the settings for the first time.
PTZOptics website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:25 am
by AHE
■ Dante AV-H™ is software for SoC-based video products that bring mature, comprehensive user control and management to H.264 AV-over-IP, delivering compatibility with any Dante audio network devices. Now, interoperability with AV-over-IP products from multiple vendors is a reality, letting users connect, manage and configure all networked video and audio connections in a single Dante Controller window.

■ Dante AV H brings 8 channels of Dante audio to your video products for instant compatibility with existing and planned installations, easing technical requirements and simplifying system design.

Just like Bolin’s Dante AV Ultra™ line of products, designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing Dante audio ecosystem, Bolin's D2-210H/D2-220H PTZ camera is managed using optimized light-weight H.264 codec with the Dante AV-H™ software to provide low cost and lower bandwidth AV Over IP stream with the flexibility to independently route multiple audio and video in 1G network. More information about Dante AV.
Bolin website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:30 am
by AHE
Wide–angle image capture with advanced PTZ control enables dynamic coverage of medium and large spaces, such as boardrooms, classrooms, and auditoriums

Best–in–class image clarity and highly accurate close–ups, with 4K60 resolution and 12x optical zoom plus 16x digital zoom

Enhanced video quality, even in low–light conditions, with industry–leading CMOS image sensing with 2D and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR)

All operation, including pan, tile and zoom, are easily controlled from any Kramer control interface and/or the compact remote control

Multiple ports including RS–232, RJ–45, HDMI 1.4, and USB 3.0 deliver 4K video at up to 60 fps

Works seamlessly with virtually all meeting applications

Fast and simple setting of camera angle, with a choice of 255 pre–set camera positions
Kramer website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:33 am
by AHE
AI-based smart face tracking keeps the selected presenter in the frame as they move around the room.

AI-based auto framing mode always keeps the entire group perfectly in view.

Control the camera’s functions via USB, Ethernet, RS-485, and RS-232.

A high SNR CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms provide a super clean image, even under low light conditions.

Supports USB 3.0 and 2.0 interfaces. The USB interface supports YUY2, MJPEG and H.264 video formats.

Streams AV over IP using H.264 and H.265 video compression.

Can be powered by PoE (48 VDC), or 12 VDC power supply.

Compatible with popular applications such as Microsoft® Teams, Zoom™, WebEx™, Google® Meet™, and more.
ClearOne website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:38 am
by AHE
With the advanced PTZ Auto Framing feature, the camera automatically tracks the target in a comfortable viewing with smooth Pan-Tilt-Zoom movement, regardless of posture, movement and what one is wearing.

Since the camera does most of the work automatically, the operator can spend their time efficiently.

This camera harnesses powerful AI-powered video analytics that can automatically detect and track the position of a presenter within the camera frame. As the presenter moves, the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom mechanism ensures that the presenter is always framed naturally, without the need for a human camera operator to manually follow their movements.

The camera has a choice of three shooting modes; Full body, Waist, and Close-up. In each mode, you can adjust picture composition (size, up & down, and left & right) and the SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 can automatically track and keep the subject in the selected optimal position.
Sony website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:46 am
by AHE
USB-C®interface for video and audio, as well as device powering

Automatically detects and re-frames camera for up to 6 participants

4x digital zoom and 110° wide horizontal field of view

Fast, responsive ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt, and zoom) camera functions

2-microphone array with 5 meter (16 foot) audio pickup range

Available video resolutions from 640×360 up to 4K @ 30 Hz (up to 1080p with ePTZ or auto-framing)
Atlona website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 4:53 am
by AHE
Unrivalled UHD imaging technology delivers sensational and vibrant videos for every meeting.

The UC P25 8MP camera highlights every member of your meeting in crisp detail. With a 192x zoom, you can preserve picture clarity no matter how
many people join the conversation.

Our state-of-the-art algorithms could easily maintain color and detail in dim lighting. The WDR neutralizes glare and shadows, creating a balanced image in complex lighting conditions.

MAXHUB adopts low lux technology in the UC P25 PTZ camera, fully enhancing the images to be more vivid and identifying every detail in video conferences.

MAXHUB's algorithm provides flexible integration of 2D and 3D DNR(Digital Noise Reduction) for improved noise reduction, yielding sharp images even under low lighting conditions.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) uses image exposure analysis to make the darker objects brighten and the brighter objects darken, making all objects visible even in large contrast.
Maxhub website

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices

Posted: 2024, Jan 21, Sun, 5:02 am
by AHE
The Q-SYS NC Series PTZ conference cameras deliver high-quality video feeds natively to the Q-SYS Platform. The Q-SYS NC-12x80 and Q-SYS NC-20x60 both offer motorized pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) functionality to enable a more broad range of room layouts, sizes and purpose. Joined by the NC-110 ePTZ model, the entire NC Series offers simple and scalable video solutions for any size meeting space.

Driven by the Q-SYS OS, the NC Series integrate seamlessly into any Q-SYS system, allowing for easy camera feed routing anywhere on the network without the need for complicated programming or video matrix hardware. These camera video feeds can be delivered to any modern video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex via any Q-SYS AV bridging peripheral.
Q-Sys website