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PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices 2021

Posted: 2022, Feb 14, Mon, 12:27 am
PTZ cameras and streaming devices have taken a huge leap in popularity and implementation. Some existing systems have had significant firmware and software upgrades while new models have recently entered the market to meet skyrocketing demand. Manufacturers and users both know that security, user-friendliness and up-time reliability are all essential goals to meet with these devices. ... ng-devices

Re: PTZ Cameras and Streaming Devices 2022

Posted: 2022, Nov 18, Fri, 1:03 pm
Developments in the past two years have catapulted conferencing to the killer Internet app while at the same time making live streaming a matter of survival in the house of worship arena. AV manufacturers have responded with cameras, streaming hardware and capture devices that integrate sophisticated capability with ease of use. The items surveyed here illustrate those current trends and highlight that innovative industry response to what have been the most challenging of times. ... -devices-2