QAnon Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene Elected to Congress

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QAnon Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene Elected to Congress

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Great example of why some people aren't qualified to vote in the USA.
Marjorie Taylor Greene has won in Georgia's 14th district, marking the first time a QAnon supporter has been elected to serve in Congress.

The Associated Press officially called the race for Greene at 9:16 p.m. ET, but several news outlets had projected her victory shortly after the polls closed in Georgia.

In one video posted to YouTube, she praised "Q" as a patriot who "very much loves his country."

She's also been criticized for videos showing her expressing racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim views.

"I was just one of those people, just like millions of other Americans, that just started looking at other information," Greene told the news outlet. "And so, yeah, there was a time there for a while that I had read about Q, posted about it, talked about it, which is some of these videos you've seen come out. ... ss-1544604
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