NEVADA decides to suppress COVID-19 information

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NEVADA decides to suppress COVID-19 information

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health officials say they no longer will compile the reports even as new cases are again rising in Nevada, effectively severing the public’s access to the exposure data.

Nevada Press Association Executive Director Richard Karpel criticized the decision, saying it was a step backward in government transparency. Before the reports were released, state health officials had only generally referenced “backyard barbecues” and “family gatherings” as primary causes of new infections.

“It’s not all about mandates, directives and closures,” Karpel said of the state’s COVID-19 response. “It’s about giving people information and allowing them to make decisions on their own.”

“I agree the data has more questions than answers, which tells me more questions need to be asked,” said Oscar Alleyne, an epidemiologist and a senior adviser with the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

Alleyne said Clark County’s possible exposure location data would be better if it delineated between employees and customers. There could also be patterns within the data, such as if multiple infected people visited the same restaurant or bar inside a hotel-casino. ... s-2146528/
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