CBS' 60 MINUTES segment "The Wall" exposes more Trump corruption

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CBS' 60 MINUTES segment "The Wall" exposes more Trump corruption

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Tonight, you will hear about the contractor who built both of those walls, Fisher Sand and Gravel out of North Dakota, and how they leveraged those jobs to earn billions of dollars in government contracts with support from President Trump.

We Build the Wall's Brian Kolfage launched attacks against anyone who opposed their wall. Falsely saying The National Butterfly Center was the site of a "rampant sex trade." And that the Army Corps of Engineers was part of the "deep state." He even took aim at Father Roy Snipes, a local priest who opposed the Trump wall, accusing him of promoting child trafficking.

Fisher Sand and Gravel has been awarded almost $2 billion in government contracts to build miles of wall.

President Trump quote "pressured" government officials to direct wall contracts to Fisher Sand and Gravel. ... 020-09-27/
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