Co-Watching TV parties - a new trend

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Co-Watching TV parties - a new trend

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one of the hottest new features is co-viewing: watching a show together, even when you’re alone.

Disney Plus, for instance, just joined the ranks of major subscription VOD services with a built-in remote co-watching for its customers. GroupWatch launched in the United States in late September after trials in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

This summer, Amazon Prime Video added co-viewing. And Disney-owned Hulu previously added the capability.

Netflix Party, a Chrome browser extension, allows subscribers to watch the streaming king together, wherever they are. But because it’s a browser extension, there are limits: you need to be on a device that can run Google Chrome, which cuts out a lot of potential co-viewing opportunities.

Scener already has deals to enable co-viewing of shows on 10 big streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Disney-owned Indian service Hotstar and Sony-owned Funimation. It also provides video chat for users across all those services, allowing for a much more immersive experience.
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