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Through the words and analysis of leading mental health professionals, #UNFIT discusses DSM-5 disorders, their danger, and the doctors' own Duty to Warn. They introduce the syndrome known as malignant narcissism and explain how it is responsible for great inhumanity throughout history. They liken its symptoms to Trump's behavior.

#UNFIT discusses Trump's paranoia - his preoccupation with conspiracy theories and penchant for finding enemies in all disagreements - AND Trump's anti-social behavior (sociopathy) - his absence of empathy and contrition.

#UNFIT examines malignant narcissists throughout history - birds of a feather - explaining that the syndrome is incurable, and that those afflicted always get progressively worse.

#UNFIT explains the Goldwater Rule, and the Tarasoff Rule.

#UNFIT discusses the profound impact he has had on our culture, his disdain for the "rule of law," and dissects how and why he targets our venerated institutions, such as our intelligence community, free press, and independent judiciary.

#UNFIT evaluates his constant perversion of truth and blurring of facts, with an extended segment on "gaslighting;" and it chronicles how he cheats in virtually every endeavor he undertakes, even when he plays golf.

In a fascinating segment, #UNFIT explains the phenomena underlying tribalism, and how it facilitates the cult-like behavior of his "base."


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