COVID-19 and UK media habits

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COVID-19 and UK media habits

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The New Normal – Living Life Online survey polled 1,000 British consumers between 3–9 September 2020 to understand how behaviours and preferences have evolved since the start of Covid-19 restrictions. Fundamentally, all sectors will continue to be affected by this change even after the pandemic, but some will see especially significant consumer shifts: majorities said they plan to consume entertainment (59%), shop (63%), access government services (68%), and conduct their personal banking (66%) mostly or only online, even after restrictions are lifted.

Just over half (55%) now prefer to watch live sports online, a 27% increase since the onset of the pandemic. Just under half (46%) preferred to watch musical performances online, a 29% increase in this regard.

Three-fifths now preferred to watch films online, compared with just 36% that would prefer to watch in-person, a 14% increase. And even after restrictions are lifted, 59% of people said they plan to watch films, live sports and music mostly or only online including 30% who will do so exclusively online. ... normal.pdf
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