NORTH DAKOTA wants ads, not masks

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NORTH DAKOTA wants ads, not masks

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Agency MABU was hired by a governor's task force in Burleigh and Morton counties that is nearly six weeks into its effort and frustrated by the lack of progress in an area that includes the cities of Bismarck and Mandan. The state will soon follow with a nearly $2 million campaign of its own that dwarfs MABU's $76,800 media budget.

MABU has created messages designed to leverage North Dakotans’ strong sense of freedom — the same thing that Republican Gov. Doug Burgum has said would make it difficult to impose a mask mandate

Burgum has been unwilling to impose a requirement.

In Fargo, the state's largest and most liberal city and runaway leader in total number of COVID-19 cases, citizens flooded a City Council meeting this month to complain about a proposal to require masks. One resident said face coverings don't work and don't look human. Mayor Tim Mahoney said emails to his office have been 80% opposed to a mask mandate.

Anti-maskers made similar complaints at a Bismarck City Commission meeting ... stem-virus
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