'Sound the alarm': Ohio COVID hospitalizations up 600% in two months

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'Sound the alarm': Ohio COVID hospitalizations up 600% in two months

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Ohio reported a total of 4,358 people hospitalized with COVID-19 on Monday. Dr. Robert Wyllie, chief medical officer at Cleveland Clinic, pointed out that only 60 days ago around 600 Ohioans were hospitalized with COVID — marking a 626% increase in coronavirus hospitalizations since then.

"To the people (listening), we need your help trying to prevent our caregivers from being sick and being off work," Dr. Wyllie said. On Monday, 970 Cleveland Clinic healthcare staff were off work, either infected with COVID or quarantining due to a direct unprotected exposure.

"That means it's starting to affect our ability to care for patients," he said.

Cleveland Clinic is among the hardest-hit hospital groups in the state, although Dayton-area hospitals are not far behind.

"In (that region), nearly half the hospitals are reporting a nursing shortage. The impact of those shortages on our workforce can't be overstated.," said Dr. Richard Lofgren, president and CEO at UC Health.

"Early on it was easy to say, 'I don't know anybody who has COVID' or 'it doesn't come to my county'...nobody can say that now," DeWine told reporters. "I look at these numbers every day, and I just choke."

Cleveland Clinic alone has approximately 600 of the state's 4,358 COVID hospitalizations and is already making preparations to handle 900 by the second week of December — what Dr. Wyllie called a worst-case scenario.
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