Are content owners prepared to fight on multiple fronts?

This blog entry emphasizes something we’ve been advocating for YEARS: a simultaneous, multi-pronged strategy in fighting piracy.

Just a little frustration on the consumer’s part will result in them moving on,” she said Dec. 9, speaking during a panel at the fifth annual Content Protection Summit. If the goal is to keep consumers pointed toward legitimate sites, she has a mantra for everyone in the anti-piracy business: “frustrate and redirect.”

Make it as a difficult as possible for a consumer to download or stream illegal content, redirect them to legitimate sources, and — whenever possible — take down the illegal sites via legal avenues. Just recently, ABS-CBN scored a couple of major legal settlements against those who ran piracy sites, sharing content from the distributor. Now, those Web sites point consumers to the real deal.

Content owners need education and cooperation with advertisers, credit card processors, search engines, Internet service providers and others, according to Jim Bottoms, executive director of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance in Europe.

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