Physical media is still king – video downloading is still a hoax

In spite of all the spin and effort trying to direct consumers towards streaming and downloading video (Hulu, Netflix, Flixster, UltraViolet), the responsible parties can’t hide the facts.

Netflix and subscription video-on-demand may dominate the headlines, but music, via subscription streaming, song-play and download stores, continues to lead the digital subscription and download media with nearly 60% penetration

compare that to video market share:

Research and Markets found that streaming and downloading of movies and television captured 38% market share

All this time has passed, with the video streaming (and downloading) prematurely having been crowned the new king, supposedly ousting physical media. But why can’t digital video displace low quality audio for market share? Because the quality is inconsistent and the infrastructure is SHIT. Forget Blu-ray quality, streaming and downloading via ultraviolet, for example, doesn’t even provide DVD quality playback!

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