Research confirms online piracy is for lowlife freeloading scumbags – Who knew?

Well, we all did. Didn’t we?

All kidding aside, it’s a sad state of affairs when researchers have to waste time proving the obvious – that online pirates steal because it is free and convenient to do so. All the blather about “trying before buying” and smokescreen “business model” hocum is once again revealed as pure BULLSHIT.

Digital distribution on iTunes leads consumers who would have otherwise pirated to purchase: Controlling for ABC, CBS, and FOX piracy, there was an 11.5% increase in NBC piracy on Mininova in the two weeks after NBC removed its content from iTunes. This increase is roughly equivalent to an increase of 52,000 episodes per day, about twice as large as NBC’s daily iTunes sales before removal.

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Another shocking discovery was made:

the shutdown of Megaupload and its affiliated site Megavideo last year led to an increase in the amount of legal online movie rentals and sales seen by the studios. The researchers looked at data from 12 countries, including the U.S., provided by two studios and found that online revenue was 6% to 10% higher since the shutdown than it would have been were Megaupload still in business.

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Keep in mind the increase was measured after only ONE notorious piracy facilitator was shuttered!

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