Looking forward to the 2013 rollout

As the 2013 rollout of the copyright warning system draws near, cowardly piracy supporters are beginning to howl like the cowardly jackals they are. Thievery advocates are applauding a recent delay.

excerpt from CNET writer Dara Kerr:

The “six strikes” copyright enforcement plan that aims to curb illegal downloads and peer-to-peer file-sharing has been postponed until 2013.

The executive director of the Center for Copyright Information, which is in charge of the copyright warning system, announced today that because of damage from Hurricane Sandy the organization’s alert system will not begin until next year.

CCI is a joint venture between Hollywood copyright holders and Internet Service Providers that was created in April. AT&T, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast are the participating ISP members in the venture. The goal of the organization is to educate and crack down on people downloading content protected by intellectual copyright — including videos, games, and music.

Under graduated response, or six strikes, entertainment companies will notify a participating ISP that a customer has allegedly been pirating movies or TV shows illegally. The bandwidth provider will then send a notice intended to educate the customer about the consequences of downloading unauthorized content.

The ISP is then supposed to begin gradually ratcheting up the pressure on customers who ignore the warnings. Eventually, after six warnings, ISPs can choose to suspend service. Graduated response, however, does not include the termination of service. Customers wrongly accused can appeal to their company and can take their case to the arbitration group for review.

The ISP providers were scheduled to begin sending out alerts to users by the end of the year.

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